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Product Description

Machine Mounts combine the dual but independently function of damping and levelling.

Highly effective damping stems from the solid base consisting of a galvanised steel cover plate and a flexible body which is moulded in acid oil, heat and age resistant chloroprene material which is suitable for any solid floor.

A vacuum is formed in the recess of the base by the pressure of the installed machine and a suction pressure is created that will prevent the machine from moving even when strong forces are applied in the horizontal plane.


Part No Ø Min Height Adjust Height Bolt Thread Bolt Length General: Load per Mount Presses: Load per Mount 160-200 stroke/min Presses: Load per Mount 125-160 stroke/min Presses: Load per Mount <125 stroke/min
220001 80mm 35mm 35mm-47mm M12 x 1,25 120mm 50-500kg 50-120kg 60-140kg 70-200kg
220002 120mm 40mm 40mm-53mm M16 x 1,5 120mm 400-1000kg 100-250kg 120-350kg 200-400kg
220003 160mm 50mm 50mm-65mm M20 x 1,5 170mm 800-2000kg 250-725kg 350-1100kg 400-1400kg
220004 160mm 60mm 60mm-75mm M20 x 1,5 170mm 1500-4000kg 500-1400kg 750-2100kg 1000-2800kg



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